Yoga spa retreat - hotel kristalYoga spa retreat in Hotel Kristal

Yoga spa retreat is one of the best ways to get away from everyday stress and relax as well as increase your energy level. Hotel Kristal offers you longer and shorter ayurvedic holidays or even yoga weekend retreats that can change your life. At our hotel yoga classes are a part of our special offer and many of our regular guests come here a few times a year to enjoy our yoga spa retreat and get away from their hectic everyday life. Programs for our yoga weekend retreats are always made by a renowned expert that helps you get the most effect from your wellness retreats at our hotel. Yoga is one of the possibilities, but it has to be combined with other activities beneficial for your mind and body.


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Your wellness retreats can be adapted to your needs. You can enjoy your yoga weekend retreats or take a longer ayurvedic holidays – just choose one of our package deals and relax. As much as our modern world brings us many benefits, it is also very stressful and we all need a few days off from time to time. To really reverse all the negative effects of everyday life it is crucial to work with real experts that have broad knowledge about ayurveda, relaxation techniques and yoga. Hotel Kristal is situated in an ideal location for such yoga spa retreat: beautiful crystal clear mountain lake surrounded by hills and mountains, unspoilt nature and many other natural beauties. Enjoy our yoga weekend retreats and combine them with tasty healthy food and beautiful nature.


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People cope with their stress in many different ways. The best method is to combine physical activities with healthy food and different methods of relaxing and de-stressing your mind. Yoga spa retreat can offer you the best combination of saunas, massages, meditation, healthy food, activities and yoga. Hotel Kristal has health experts that plan your yoga weekend retreats and make sure that they help you relax and harmonize your body, mind and spirit.