Yoga and meditation retreats in Triglav national park

For yoga and meditation retreats you don't have to visit one of the ashrams in India. You can enjoy this kind of health holidays right here in Slovenia, where we can offer you different yoga getaways and yoga weekend retreats. Our guests often choose ayurvedic holidays of different lengths, according to their wishes and schedules. These yoga and meditation retreats or yoga getaways are one of the best health holidays you can have, since we take care of your body, mind and spirit.


Yoga and meditation retreatsHealth holidays with traditional ayurvedic treatment

Ayurveda originates from India and is an alternative or complementary medicine that helps remove toxins from your body which helps you regain health and wellbeing. Yoga and meditation retreats or yoga getaways are the best way to take some time for yourself, work on your physical and mental harmony and lead a stress-free life. There are many different treatments available for you at Hotel Kristal and each and every one of them is carefully designed by experts to make the most of it in the time you have. Yoga and meditation retreats are a type of health holidays, that can include many different activities in Triglav national park and we will of course make sure that you also get high quality healthy meals in our hotel restaurant.


Yoga getaways and meditation retreats

Health holidays and yoga weekend retreats are not only good for your health but most enjoyable as well. In Hotel Kristal we guarantee our guests they will have the time of their lives here – enjoying their yoga and meditation retreats, ayurvedic holidays or just having a relaxing vacation with their family, surrounded by The Alps and unspoilt nature. Check our yoga getaways and treat yourself to a great holiday.