What is yoga?

Maybe an asana? A breath? Diet? Meditation? The answer is yes, yoga is all this – and much more. Yoga is enlightenment itself.

In Hindu philosophy, yoga is the name of one of the six orthodox philosophical schools (i.e. schools which accept the testimony of Vedas) founded by Patanjali.

Karel Werner, author of Yoga and Indian Philosophy, believes that systematization of yoga culminated with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Scholars also note the influence of Samkhyan and Buddhist ideas on the Yoga Sutras. The yoga school accepts the samkhya psychology and metaphysics, but is more theistic than the samkhya, as evidenced by the addition of a divine entity to the samkhya's twenty-five elements of reality. The parallels between yoga and samkhya were so close that Max Müller, a well-known Orientologist, once wrote: "The two philosophies were in popular parlance distinguished from each other as Samkhya with and Samkhya without a Lord.« In Europe, the Hatha Yoga became very popular, you can learn almost any version thereof in yoga centres around Europe. Yoga is both your goal and the path to your goal – a goal, different for every individual.




Types of yoga

  • Karma yoga: The yoga of action
  • Bhakti yoga: The yoga of devotion
  • Jnana yoga: The yoga of knowledge
  • Hatha yoga: The most complex life method with its 8 branches

For over 20 years, the aim of our doctors and therapists as been helping people who suffer from various diseases for which conventional medicine and its usual methods are not enough. In this light, our yoga is the key for them to harmonizing their the body and mind. The human heart – absolutely amazing - has the power of sunshine that can melt the ice, expel the sadness and dissolve any internal weakness. It protects the body from diseases, the illnesses that are tempted during his lifetime. This light, faith in God. The Yoga is an instrument derived from the universe that can help you turn the light on in yourselves so you can spread love to give and get happiness. Fill the void within us where there is a lack of family unity, fullness of make relationship, causing damage to the body and become the victim of a hereditary disease caused endless trouble.


We only employ yoga teachers who meet our very high requirements

  • Spiritual purity
  • Loving heart
  • Proficient technical skills
  • Impeccable lifestyle


Why? Because we know that only those with the skills listed above are able to lead people on the path from disease to recovery - in order to be able to achieve this blessed aim, our yoga teachers possess the best of these skills. Our activities include yoga classes, camps and workshops, where we do not only focus on the asanas and body flexibility but also work to improve mental and physical health, all with the intention of igniting greater happiness and trying to help light a brighter way towards the ultimate goal.