16. May 2016

Ajurveda Wellness Retreat in Bohinj, Slovenia

Ayurveda Wellness RetreatWe are pleased to announce that we are bringing Ajurvedic medicine to the Kristal Hotel in the beautiful Bohinj area of Slovenia, on which you can experience several-day lasting balm for mind, body and soul. Our team from India, led by Dr. Mani and yoga therapist Nishal Ghale, will be providing you with new Ajurveda knowledge and will ensure physical relaxation and well-being. You will enjoy this peace and relaxation in the cozy rustic environment of the family-operated Kristal Hotel, all located in the immaculate nature of the Bohinj valley. This gorgeous valley nestled between two mountains has been coined the »The birthplace of Slovenia« as well as »the place of transformation«, and rightly so, as this area permeates with energy, which is foundational to renewal and healing. From now on, we will coin the Bohinj valley »the host of Ajurveda Wellness Retreat«, where we invite you to get away, to take time for yourself, to renew and strengthen your health, all while gaining advantageous knowledge and wisdom from Ajurveda Medicine. The first Wellness Retreat will begin in May 19th and last to the 22nd. Will you join us?



This Four-day Wellness Retreat package includes:

  • All-inclusive hotel lodging.
  • Meals prepared according to Ajurveda principles.
  • Ajurveda lectures and counseling with Ajurveda doctor, Dr. Mani.
  • Three traditional Ajurveda Therapy sessions, approximately 100 minutes each.
  • Two educational presentations of Ajurveda Medicine.
  • A Yoga and Meditation class.
  • A Presentation of Yoga.


This Four-day Wellness Retreat packet is available for 410€, as well as an additional tourist tax of 5,08€, to be paid in the hotel.

A special offer available:
We will be providing Ajurveda counseling through pulse diagnosis, as well as a complete dietary plan, based on individual body types, for those interested, for an additional 65€, totaling 475€, with the tourist tax of 5,08€, paid in the hotel.

Place a reservation by calling: +386 4 577 82 00 or email us at: info@hotel-kristal-slovenia.com
To secure your reservation we require a 30%down payment of 123€, to be deposited a minimum of three days prior to the beginning of the retreat.


tel. +386 31 639 408