Meditation vacation is perfect in our distinguished hotel

Meditation vacation is surely something very special. If you are on the quest to discover your soul and wish to enjoy your vacation too, meditation vacation in one of the best hotels in Slovenia is definitely the offer you should consider. We are certain that your medication vacation will fill you with inner joy and peace, so that you will return gladly – maybe accompanied by your closest friends or relatives. If you desire yoga and meditation retreats, you should visit the place in the heart of beautiful and unspoiled nature. If you come to longer ayurvedic holidays or just yoga weekend retreats, you will surely appreciate that our hotel in Slovenia is situated in the most pristine European environment of the Alps. In addition, you can enjoy in the outstanding local healthy restaurants that offer locally grown food of Slovenia. General characteristic of Slovene food is that it is very good and very healthy: traditionally Slovenes produced good food free of unhealthy substances and additives. So, your yoga and meditation retreats will be perfect and safe of unhealthy food that could break your inner peace and balance.


 Meditation vacation and yoga retreats


Meditation vacation that you will always remember

Meditation vacation in our hotel in Slovenia is very special. Our international experts will make your yoga and meditation retreats unforgettable and delightful. You will be able to restore your inner peace. Even after your meditation vacation will be long over, you will still feel the positive benefits achieved by your inner makeover.



Many of our guests say we are the best hotel in Slovenia

Maybe it is because of our yoga weekend retreats. Maybe it is because of our ayurvedic holidays. Maybe it is because of our dedication to our guests. Those guests who experience our yoga and meditation retreats claim that our hotel is the best hotel in Slovenia. We are proud to offer yoga and meditation retreats and other rich services: for us the welfare of our guest is of highest importance.