Locally grown food from local organic farms

In the last few years locally grown food has been getting more and more attention worldwide. For quite a long time different scientists from environmentalists to doctors and nutritionists have been pointing out that local and sustainable food coming from local organic farms is the healthiest and environmentally friendliest option. Local healthy restaurants like the one in our Hotel Kristal are aware of that and decided to buy locally grown food. This means that our food is healthy, tasty and that ingredients do not travel thousands kilometres to reach us and your plate. With the exception of some ingredients that cannot be grown here, all our food is bought from our local farmers.


Locally grown organic foodLocal healthy restaurants

Locally grown food offered in local healthy restaurants is not just a fad. It is much more than that. Being aware of the fact that we are destroying our nature and our heath by buying food that has been grown on the other side of the world in unknown conditions is extremely important. Buying from local organic farms is a great solution for many reasons. First and foremost, this food is healthy and tasty. Second, you can get fresh grown fruit and vegetables on daily bases. Third, this food does not travel long distances to the local healthy restaurants since it is locally grown Slovenian food. And that also means, you can personally supervise the farming on these local organic farms to make sure they are really organic.


Hand in hand with local organic farms with locally grown food

Since our hotel restaurant uses mostly locally grown food that we buy from local organic farms, we also support the local farmers who – in this day and age – have quite a lot of difficulties to compete with imported cheap produce that cannot be compared to theirs regarding quality. A local healthy restaurant is a great example of combining local and sustainable food with our tourist offers. It's a win-win situation: farmers sell their produce, hotels and restaurants have healthy and tasty food to offer and customers enjoy all the benefits of organic food.