Local healthy restaurants with fresh and healthy food

Hotel Kristal is known as one of the best local healthy restaurants in Slovenia. We use use locally grown produce whenever possible. We want to offer our guests the best possible fresh and healthy food and that is only possible by carefully choosing our ingredients – from vegetables to fruit and meat. Locally grown produce from local farmers is carefully inspected and has always proven to be the best choice. That is why our guests come to Hotel Kristal not only for the beautiful surroundings, countless possibilities for different sports activities and pa or other treatments – but for fresh local food as well. Local food security in local healthy restaurants is far greater than can be said for produce that come from the other side of planet and that's why we insist on buying from local framers.


Local healthy restaurantsLocally grown produce combined with active holidays

Our health is influenced by many different things – from level of activity to stress and food we eat. Local healthy restaurants with fresh and healthy food can contribute to your health immensely. Your holiday near Bohinj Lake at the edge of Triglav national park can be active or mostly relaxing but it is always important to take care of your health with good food. If you choose out ayurveda treatment, local healthy restaurants are a must, since food is a big part of flushing toxins out of your body. Fresh and healthy food from locally grown produce is also important if you plan on being very active, for example hiking The Alps. It is the basis of any healthy diet.


Enjoy local healthy restaurants

Fresh and healthy food should of course be eaten all through the year, but usually people have a hard time getting that on their vacation. Hotel Kristal is an exception that offers you fresh local food from locally grown produce. Besides being environmentally friendly since the produce does not travel thousands of kilometres to get to your plate, local healthy restaurants can also control local food security. In Hotel Kristal we know where our produce comes from and how it is grown – and that means you get the best possible food.