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What is yoga?

Maybe asana? Breathing? Diet? Meditation? The answer is YES – yoga is all of the above – and much more. Yoga is illumination itself.

In Hindu philosophy, “yoga” is the name of one of the six orthodox schools of philosophy (i.e. schools that follow the tradition of the Vedas), established by the sage Patañjali. 
Karel Werner, author of Yoga and Indian Philosophy, believes that the systematisation of yoga reached its peak with the The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali. Many scholars also mention the impact of the Samkhya philosophy and Buddhist ideas of the The Yoga Sutras. Yoga’s philosophy system accepts the Samkhya and metaphysical philosophy; however, it is more theistic than Samkhya, as is evidenced by the fact that the element of deity or divine was added to the 25 elements of reality known by Samkhya. Parallels between yoga and Samkhya are so close that the renowned orientologist Max Müller once wrote: “These two philosophies were colloquially known as the theistic and atheistic Samkhya.” In Europe, the hatha yoga became very popular, which can be learned in almost any yoga centre across Europe. Yoga is thus simultaneously your goal and path to this goal – a goal which is different, unique for each individual.


Types of yoga:

  • Karma yoga: the yoga of action
  • Bhakti joga: the yoga of devotion
  • Jnana yoga: the yoga of knowledge
  • Hatha yoga: the most complex method of life with 8 branches.

For over 20 years, our doctors and therapists strived toward helping people who suffer from various illnesses, and for the treatment of which the classic (Western) medicine and its conventional methods are insufficient. In this light, our yoga is the key to establishing a harmonic balance between body and mind of our patients. The human heart is an amazing organ – if we stimulate it correctly, it has the strength of the sun, which melts the ice, drives away sadness and eliminates internal weaknesses. A strong heart protects the body from diseases. Yoga, the gift of the universe, can help you turn on your internal light, enabling you to spread love and give and receive happiness; it is a healing exercise that can fill your internal void.

We employ only yoga teachers who meet our high requirements:

  • Spiritual purity
  • A loving heart
  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • An impeccable lifestyle

Why? We are aware that only the ones with the above qualities are able to guide people on the path from illness to recovery – to successfully achieve this goal, our yoga teachers have the highest of these qualities. Our offer includes yoga courses, camps and workshops, where we do not focus only on asanas and body mobility, but we also care for the improvement of mental and physical health, all with the intention of achieving greater happiness and try to help turning on the internal light that illuminates the path to the final destination.