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Due to life’s fast tempo we are constantly under stress. And stress creates the perfect conditions for sickness.  Take a break from everyday routine and come visit us – here you will find tranquillity and balance.

In our Ayurveda house you will enjoy yourselves and rest from society’s pressure, from taking care of your loved ones and from the constant rushing. You can try different Ayurvedic massages, warming, purifying and rejuvenating therapies, which have the common goal to rid your body of everyday toxicities and restore its natural balance, so that you may tackle daily challenges more easily.   If you wish more movement, you may join a selected teacher who will take you into the world of yoga, and should you want a full-body reconstitution, you may take the Panchakarma course.

The aim of the programme is to free the organism from the toxic materials and the related physical and metal barriers. As you free yourselves of the barrier, your physical, emotional and mental health will improve. The accumulated toxic materials block the self-healing process and when the body breathes again, it will be able to better deal with stress and possible health issues.

You may also empty your head in our Finnish sauna, in our winter garden with a genuine homely atmosphere or in the reading corner, where you can treat yourselves with a book or two.

Give your body and your mind a break and get away from your daily routine and stressful environment. When you will replenish yourselves, it will be easier to face your everyday challenges.