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Restavracija Pri lovcu

When you enter the “Pri lovcu” restaurant, you will be immediately drawn by the tantalizing smell of game and fish specialities. Our restaurant is the legacy of our grandfather, who always taught us that the two most important things in life are good company and fine food. We proudly follow these principles and offer our guests an unforgettable culinary experience.

At the “Pri lovcu” restaurant we prefer to play with game and fish specialities which we are famous for. When preparing the dishes we use only local ingredients, because we know that local is always the best. Food that will make you salivate and a pleasant atmosphere are our passion, for this reason chef Luka will prepare a local culinary experience that guests will never forget. The authentic family-like atmosphere will make sure that you will leave our restaurant with a smile on your face.

The icing on the cake is our craft chocolaterie, where chocolate masterpieces of mother Alenka are awaiting you. Local ingredients and handmade production with lots of love take pampering on another level. Mother Alenka will welcome you with a smile and will take care of every chocolate lover. The main star of our chocolaterie is the “mohantek,” where hemp seeds and the “Mohant” cheese are mixed into dark chocolate. Wild ideas backed by local ingredients and lots of love will bring you chocolate warmth to which you will always want to return.

Creamy broccoli in sauce
Broccoli cream soup with smoked Bohinj trout
Bohinj beef fairy tale
Beef tagliata with coarse Piran salt and Parmesan
Lamb on a stroll
lamb loin roast on vegetables cooked “al dente” and jacket potatoes
Chocolate deer with flint maize
deer fillet on flint maize polenta (coarsely ground local corn flour) in chocolate sauce and cranberries
Cold smoked Zupan trout
Zupan trout on horseradish foam, roasted pears and olive oil from the Slovenian coast
Goose carpaccio
goose carpaccio on Tonejc cottage cheese mixed with herbs