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Chef uses

At the “Pri Lovcu” restaurant we are aware that local is better, this is why we use only the best local ingredients in our kitchen.

  • meat by Bohinj meat producers
  • trout and Danube salmon from the Zupan fish farm
  • “trdinka” corn from the Pr’ Vandrovc farm
  • “tepke” pears from the Cnar farm
  • “mohant” cheese from the Bohinj cheese dairy
  • cottage cheese and yoghurt from the Pr’ Tonejovc organic dairy farm
  • Škantar’s goat cheese
  • Valeriana smoked cheese
  • Bohinj teas from the Adoma herbal boutique

The From Bohinj certificate ensures quality with geographical indication. All dishes are certified under strict standards and criteria by respecting traditional values, local raw materials, crops and ingredients.