Hiking in Slovenia | Enjoy unspoilt Slovenian Alps

Hiking in Slovenia is without a doubt one of the most interesting and pleasant ways to spend your vacation in Slovenia. Active hiking vacations help your body and mind recuperate after hard work and stressful life, so you can work and feel better throughout the rest of the year. Furthermore – you can choose the intensity of your hiking. Alps are everywhere around Hotel Kristal, surrounding the beautiful and clear Lake Bohinj. In the morning you can go hiking in Slovenia and in the afternoon you can enjoy a refreshing swimming in the lake or a relaxing treatment at our hotel spa. All you have to do is make a reservation and Slovenian Alps will help you and your family enjoy your best vacation ever.


Hiking in SloveniaDo you like hiking? Alps are the answer!

When it comes to hiking, in Slovenia there are numerous roads and paths you can enjoy in order to release stress and relax as well as help your body get fit. Slovenian Alps are an ideal location to have hiking vacations since there are many options of different tours – totally adapted to people with different fitness levels or ages. For hiking Alps are suitable for families with young children, people who enjoy easy walks, for example around Lake Bohinj, as well as for athletes or serious amateurs, who wish to upgrade their fitness level or prepare for competition. Hiking in Slovenian Alps can be done alone, paths are marked well and as long as you follow the red and white blazes, you will reach your goal. If you want, hiking in Slovenia can also be done with a guide.


Get to know Slovenian Alps first hand – go hiking in Slovenia

You can spend your vacation in Slovenia in many different ways, but hiking in The Alps is undoubtedly one of the more interesting ones. When you come to Hotel Kristal, we will give you all the necessary information and will even provide you with a guide if you need one. Hiking in Slovenia is an inexpensive way to get to know people, enjoy beautiful and unspoilt nature and do something for your health –physical and psychological. And if you want, you can join our ayurveda treatments, taste the local cuisine or become a part of our traditional art colony.