There's always room for some handmade chocolate!

They say there's always room for jello, but handmade novelty chocolate is definitely better! How to make handmade chocolates is no secret, but how to find the right balance and ad something new to it is real art. Chocolate products are known all over the world and we wanted our handmade chocolate to be something special, something you can't find anywhere else. So we changed the classical recipe on how to make handmade chocolates in a way that suits this region and its gastronomic diversity. Our novelty chocolate is made with many different and interesting innovations that all chocolate enthusiasts simply have to try. Come to Hotel Kristal – there's always room for chocolate.


Novelty handmade chocolateHow to make handmade chocolates

A lot is known about the history or origins of chocolate. Handmade chocolate products are definitely something special, since you can combine classical recipes with local traditions and new ideas. Our novelty chocolate – which we started making last July – is made without preservatives. Our handmade chocolate has distanced a bit from classical norms on how to make handmade chocolates, since we have made it with lard (type of spread from bacon, onions, garlic, vinegar, spice; traditional Slovenian food) and salt. There's also a novelty (chocolate) regarding truffles. There is a well known special cheese in Bohinj, called mohant. We make truffles with it and we can definitely say we are the only ones in the world.


Handmade chocolate paintings

How to make handmade chocolates was not our only question. We also want to make something unusual and new. Handmade chocolate is undoubtedly art in itself, but we wanted to combine gastronomy with painting and asked ourselves how to make handmade chocolates even more interesting. Our novelty chocolate paintings are definitely something new. We invited painters to use food colours and make paintings on chocolate handmade bars. The money that was raised with this interesting concept was donated to charity.