Ayurveda wellness in Hotel Kristal

What separates ayurveda wellness from classical wellness centres is a specific approach to a person and the corresponding therapy. Ayurveda understands every human being not only as an individual and as a whole, but also indivisibly connected to the universe. One of the most efficient treatments by an ayurveda doctor is ayurvedic panchakarma that can be used for many different diseases as well as for everyday wellbeing and keeping healthy. Ayurveda wellness in Hotel Kristal near Lake Bohinj in Slovenia offers you different kinds of therapy. Ayurveda has proven to be very efficient and is especially beneficial in combination with general healthy lifestyle we can offer our guests in our surroundings.


Is ayurveda wellness suitable for everyone

Ayurveda wellness - panchakarmaFor thousands of years the traditional Indian medicine men and women (ayurveda doctor) have been practising this holistic therapy. Ayurveda has philosophical basis: it all originates from the belief that all things in the universe (living and non-living) are connected. Every ayurveda therapy, for example ayurvedic panchakarma, is based on understanding human body as a whole. Panchakarma ayurvedic treatment and all other treatments in our ayurveda wellness take a totally different approach than classical western medicine: we don't just treat the symptoms but rather find reasons for every illness and eliminate those. That is why in general we can say that this kid of therapy is suitable for everyone, but each case has to be viewed individually, since despite being a part of the universe, each of us is influenced by different internal and external influences.


Ayurvedic panchakarma in Hotel Kristal ayurveda wellness

According to ayurvedic philosophy all living and non living things in universe are made of five natural elements: space, air, fire, water and earth. Furthermore, our health issues are consequences of our body being filled with toxins and these can be eliminated with a specific therapy. Ayurveda has different treatments to offer, one of the most popular for flushing toxins from the body is ayurvedic panchakarma. The name panchakarma ayurvedic treatment means five (pancha) actions (karma) that help you restore your wellbeing and harmony between body, mind and spirit. In our ayurveda wellness you can get the proper treatment to have a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation in the Triglav national park.