Ayurveda treatment – visit our spa and retreat

Ayurveda treatmentAyurveda treatment is a special rejuvenation health treatment in our ayurveda retreat that can also be called ayurveda hospital. It is a system of traditional medicine that originates in India and it is usually seen as alternative or complementary medicine – at least in the western world. In our ayurveda spa you can enjoy this traditional form of healing your body and soul. Ayurveda treatment in the hotel ayurvedic spa can be totally adapted to your needs and wishes. There are many different treatments available. This is undoubtedly a great addition to the beautiful natural environment surrounding our hotel – amazing lake, fascinating mountains and unspoilt countryside.


Ayurveda treatment heals mind, body and spirit

Despite some doubters that create negative atmosphere concerning alternative or complementary medicine, ayurveda treatment has undoubtedly proven effects. Thousands of years old this traditional Indian holistic medicine, practised in our ayurveda spa, is based on a theory that everything in the universe is connected. In accordance to this opinion ayurveda retreat focuses on helping your body, mind and spirit come to harmony between themselves and the universe. Although this might sound 'out of this world' to some people, our ayurveda spa/retreat massages work like a charm, helping you relax and rejuvenate.


Treat yourself to an ayurveda spa

Ayurveda hospital is nothing special in India, in our Hotel Kristal we call it ayurvedic spa or ayurveda retreat, since we are not a medical institution. But despite that our ayurveda treatment has an amazing effect on people's health and wellbeing, especially if combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. You can also take our ayurveda treatment as a special occasion and pamper yourself on your holiday. Many different types of treatments are available – adapted to your needs or possible health issues. All massages are performed by trained professionals.