Ayurveda hospital | Thyroid and diabetes treatment in ayurveda

Ayurveda hospital is an institution that offers traditional Indian treatment for different diseases or – more correctly – ayurveda treatment brings balance to people's body, mind and spirit, which leads to healthier and happier life. In addition to curing many diseases (according to Indian tradition all illnesses originate from being out of balance), there is a very well known thyroid treatment in ayurveda, that has already helped many thyroid sufferers included in ayurveda hospital treatment all over the world. There is also a recognised diabetes treatment in ayurveda that helps diabetes patients keep their blood sugar level at normal levels. As therapy in ayurveda is always holistic that is also true for our treatments at Hotel Kristal near Lake Bohinj in Slovenia.


Ayurveda treatment hospitalThyroid treatment in ayurveda

In every traditional ayurveda hospital they offer different traditional Indian treatments, in the western world they are understood as alternative or complementary medicine methods. Thyroid and diabetes treatment in ayurveda is very successful. In ayurveda body and mind are connected through hormones and all hormonal problems have either physical or psychological cause. In ayurveda hospital we find reasons for hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism and use the correct ayurveda treatment – a holistic approach, including diet, physical activities (such as yoga) and massages.


Diabetes treatment in ayurveda hospital

In addition to thyroid treatment in ayurveda, which has proven to have great effects comparing to more 'classical' methods in western medicine, diabetes treatment in ayurveda is also very successful. Ayurveda therapy for both types of diabetes includes Panchakarma (5 procedures to remove toxins from one's body), using different herbs, yoga, drinking copper water and exercise. If your blood sugar needs to be regulated, join us in our Hotel Kristal and visit our ayurveda hospital to help you reach ideal levels with our professional help.